LUCID PROMIS suite is a full featured Property Management and Information System that is integrated with critical modules, Business enhancing applications and interfaces with other technology products designed for the Hospitality industry.

Our business solutions are focused to improve the process efficiency, increase productivity at all levels and allow the management to direct resources and time towards core business functions and client relations.


Simple and Intuitive :

The simplicity of the product benefits fresh and experienced users in easily learning the software within hours of training which capitalises from standardisation of user interface across product lines. In fact, the product usability design is engineered considering decisive parameters such as user knowledge, procure minimal yet options to in-depth information, eliminate duplication efforts and build intuitive capability to guide users in completing the operation cycle in a minimal time.


Robust and built on Latest Technology :

Designed and developed using latest of Microsoft Technologies our software product lines are engineered to work on Client- Server-Architecture and are completely treated on windows technology capabilities producing one of the finest, robust and future proof Hotel Management Solutions.

The product also has the elasticity and the intelligence to seamlessly interface with any third party automation products such as EPABX, Door Locking, Power Controls and other software’s (Accounting solutions and Reservation engines) catering to the industry.


Configurable, secured with MIS reporting :

The software can be configured completely based on the customer requirements which include user creation & administration, security policies and assign user access rights to specific departments and also provide supervisory rights to management users. The software business rules are set through advanced module attributes program that calibrates the software specific to the business practices followed by the customer giving them a feel of completeness in our solution.

Our MIS provides all standard reports with meaningful and strategic information for tactical decision-making and also provides privileged information to the management through Audit Trails reports on the operational and financial transactions.


Cost effective and affordable :

It is the most affordable “value-for-money” proposition to any potential customer. Our modular pricing strategy benefits most customers from buying the software based on their budget and operational requirements.

Our competitively positioned Annual Maintenance or Support Charges benefits the customers with FREE-UPDATES and UPGRADES of new methods, features and reports contributing to a rich up-to-date experience of our constantly growing solutions.


Shortest Training time :

All our products are intuitive by nature this guides the users in following the right process to complete any process function, while 90% of the users have reported the ease of learning in all our product lines which largely ensues to reduced training time.

Our support team performs onsite training to benefit customers from direct training covering all the operations/functions of LUCID PROMIS suite. In a normal course we offer onsite training at customer location, but we can also provide training remotely via the Internet at a given time.


Round the clock support (24/7) :

Our Software Technical Support team provides comprehensive round-the-clock services to customers engaged with us on premium support options.

The support team delivers software updates and upgrades on version releases or new license releases (on add on products) to help customers experience increased performance capabilities using our software solutions.

Our State-of-the-art IT infrastructure built for software Technical support provides access to our technical resources via telephone, electronic communication or FAX or through internet medium, while our secured online remote support systems offers remote software implementation and resolution services. The support services are rendered based on strong SLA’s and permissions to access the networks and also provides reporting.

LUCID PROMIS - (Basic Edition)
Basic edition is designed to cater to Smaller Hotels/Motels, Lodges and Serviced Apartments with limited services.

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LUCID PROMIS - (Standard Edition) Standard Edition is positioned to address Medium Star Category Hotels, Resorts and Luxury Serviced Apartments which includes basic edition features and advanced features.

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LUCID PROMIS - (Advanced Edition) Advanced Edition is meant for Star Category Hotels and larger properties.

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